A biography of sir john ross

Ross was born near Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, on October 3,

A biography of sir john ross

At age eight he was sent to England to live with his aunt and uncle on the Isle of Wight. He attended Primary schools at Rydeand for secondary education he was sent to a boarding school at Springhill, near Southamptonin From his early childhood he developed passion for poetry, music, literature and mathematics.

At fourteen years of age he won a prize for mathematics, a book titled Orbs of Heaven which sparked his interest in mathematics.


Inat sixteen, he secured first position in the Oxford and Cambridge local examination in drawing. Not fully committed, he spent most of his time composing music, and writing poems and plays.

He left in In he had passed the examinations for the Royal College of Surgeons of Englandand he worked as a ship's surgeon on a transatlantic steamship while studying for the licenciate of the Society of Apothecaries.

Inhe was posted as the Acting Garrison Surgeon at Bangalore during which he noticed the possibility of controlling mosquitoes by limiting their access to water. In March he had his home leave and went to London with his family.

Prime ministership The following year he was transferred to the Impregnable, stationed at Portsmouth. Some time during his merchant service, Ross had learned Swedish and induring a combined Swedish-English action against a Russian squadron, he was called upon to act as liaison officer and interpreter for Saumarez aboard the Swedish flagship.
An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers. In the early nineteenth century, he made three expeditions to the Arctic, looking for the Northwest Passage, exploring King William Island and the Boothia Peninsula, and searching for the lost expedition of Sir John Franklin.
Sir John Ross, 1st Baronet - Wikipedia He entered the Royal Navy inserving with his uncle in four ships and accompanying him on his first Arctic voyage, in
Mill, John Stuart | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy See Article History Alternative Title: Early life and career Key was the son of an English father and a Jewish mother, who fled Austria for the United Kingdom in

On 10 April he A biography of sir john ross Sir Patrick Manson for the first time. Manson who became Ross's mentor, introduced him to the real problems in malaria research. Manson always had a firm belief that India was the best place for the study.

Discovery of malaria vector[ edit ] The page in Ross' notebook where he recorded the "pigmented bodies" in mosquitoes that he later identified as malaria parasites Ross made his first important step in May when he observed the early stages of malarial parasite inside a mosquito stomach.

However, his enthusiasm was interrupted as he was deployed to Bangalore to investigate an outbreak of cholera.

Bangalore had no regular cases of malaria. He confided to Manson stating, "I am thrown out of employment and have 'no work to do'. In Mayhe was given a short leave that enabled him to visit a malaria-endemic region around Ooty.

In spite of his daily quinine prophylaxis, he was down with severe malaria three days after his arrival. In June he was transferred to Secunderabad. After two years of research failure, in Julyhe managed to culture 20 adult "brown" mosquitoes from collected larvae.

He successfully infected the mosquitoes from a patient named Husein Khan for a price of 8 annas one anna per blood-fed mosquito! After blood-feeding, he dissected the mosquito and found an "almost perfectly circular" cell from the gut, which was certainly not of the mosquito.

This discovery was published in 18 December issue of British Medical Journal. The next day, on 21 August, he confirmed the growth of the parasite in the mosquito.

In the evening he composed the following poem for his discovery originally unfinished, sent to his wife on 22 August, and completed a few days later: I know this little thing A myriad men will save. O Death, where is thy sting?

Thy victory, O Grave? Discovery of malaria transmission[ edit ] Ross, Mrs Ross, Mahomed Bux, and two other assistants at Cunningham's laboratory of Presidency Hospital in Calcutta In SeptemberRoss was transferred to Bombay, from where he was subsequently sent to a malaria-free Kherwara in Rajputana now Rajasthan.

Frustrated of lack of work he threatened to resign from service as he felt that it was a death blow to his pursuit.

A biography of sir john ross

It was only on the representation of Patrick Manson, that the government arranged for his continued service in Calcutta on a "special duty". He was given the use of Surgeon-Lieutenant-General Cunningham's laboratory for his research. He had no success with malarial patients because they were always immediately given medication.

He built a bungalow with a laboratory at Mahanad village, where he would stay from time to time to collect mosquitoes in and around the village. He employed Mahomed or Muhammed Bux, Purboona who deserted him after the first paydayand Kishori Mohan Bandyopadhyay as laboratory assistants.

Ross complied but with a complaint that he "did not need to be in India to study bird malaria".Read Sir John Ross ’s biography, works and quotes online for free.

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A biography of sir john ross

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Supporters Terry Smith Chief Executive, Tullett Prebon plc Chairman, Collins Stewart plc. Terry Smith graduated in History from University College Cardiff in Sir John Ross, (born June 24, , Balsarroch, Wigtownshire, Scot.—died Aug.

30, , London, Eng.), British naval officer whose second Arctic expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, the North American waterway linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, located the north magnetic pole. Definition of Sir John Ross in the heartoftexashop.com Dictionary.

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John Key, in full John Phillip Key, (born August 9, , Auckland, New Zealand), New Zealand business executive and politician who was leader of the New Zealand National Party (–16) and prime minister of New Zealand (–16)..

Early life and career. Key was the son of an English father and a Jewish mother, who fled Austria for the United Kingdom in

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