Activity based costing in new zealand

The meetings are open to all Roundtable member organisations, although will be most valuable for those who are already participating in the ABF Costing Group. The meetings are limited to delegates, so please register as early as possible. The workshop will have a separate focus on each of the 3 days:

Activity based costing in new zealand

Clinical Trials Costing Tool What is the costing tool The costing tool is an Excel spreadsheet template that can be used by sites to facilitate accurate trial costing and to support transparent price discussion.

The idea for the costing tool arose in when a group of DHB Clinical Research Management and Finance staff formed a working group to share their knowledge of site costing for clinical trials.

Members of the working group have practical experience in developing budgets to ensure the costs of carrying out commercial clinical research in their organisation are fully covered, and a wide knowledge and understanding of the political and process context of the clinical trial environment at both an organisational and national level.

In addition, a number of Sponsor and CRO representatives very kindly provided feedback during the development phase of the tool. We greatly appreciate their generous help and advice.

The tool was developed to cost site participation in interventional commercial clinical trials, however it can be adapted by the user for non-commercial clinical trials. It does not include sponsor-related or trial centre management costs such as database building, CRF creation, statistical analysis or monitoring.

How does the tool add value? The aim of the tool is to provide a resource that: Also, it is not intended that the costing tool replaces sponsor-site budget discussions and negotiations.

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It is an in-house document only which will allow sites to see where their costs lie. How is it maintained? The tool was released as a beta version in Janand finalised in Dec Periodic updates and improvements will continue to be made to the tool by the working party. Comments, queries and feedback about the tool can be sent to info nzacres.

Although every effort has been taken to ensure the tool is accurate, NZACRes does not assume any liability from the use of the tool. How do I use the costing tool? Users do need to have a degree of familiarity with excel spreadsheets.

If you are not a moderately confident spreadsheet user, it will be necessary to access some support. The costing tool might look frighteningly complex when you first look at it. This is because we have tried to cover every eventuality and cost for as many types of trials as we could think of.

However, although the costing tool covers an extensive range of items, not all of these will be appropriate for every trial and you will need to pick and choose what is relevant for the trial you are working on.

As you work your way through it, you will be able to match the requirements of your protocol to the items. Instructions for use There is a set of instructions on the first tab which we suggest you print off, quickly scan through and then keep alongside you as you work through the spreadsheet.

These instructions provide a succinct account of the purpose of each tab, instructions and things to take into consideration when using the tab. Each tab deals with a different set of costs and all costs are arranged so that they are counted only once.

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Study Protocol In preparation you will need to have a good understanding of the protocol and be in a position to start building up a true knowledge of the costs your organisation would charge for each item. However, this costing tool will help make that clear because you can add your own clarifying comments into the sheet.

While the working group would like to have put in guidelines about standard costs, in fact, there are no standard costs; each site has its own cost structures for various reasons. In addition, with the tendency for costs to change over time, the work involved in keeping the costing tool up to date would render it obsolete within a short time.

Support and guidance We would encourage you to develop your understanding of the costing tool, and the underlying costing requirements of your organisation, within your own community of practice.

It is recommended that thought be given to what kinds of support and guidance might be made available at an institutional level as this is a really important factor in getting buy-in and having people feel comfortable about giving it a go.

In providing standard templates and tools NZACRes accepts no liability for any disputes arising from the use of these documents. Our website contains a thorough overview of the industry and research requirements in New Zealand including contact details for organisations offering industry related services.

NZACRes is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.New Zealand Is Aerial Spraying Pristine Land And Then Having Animals Eat Off It, Experts Are Worried March 4 | From: HealthNutNews According to Horizons Regional Council environmental manager, Grant Cooper, spraying with glyphosate in the Parapara hills of New Zealand, land that animals graze on and land that is very near water, is permitted with conditions.

(a)Job Costing: Job cost cards and databases, collecting direct costs of each job, attributing overheads to jobs, Application of job costing. (b) Batch Costing: Determination of optimum batch quantity, Ascertainment of cost for a batch, Preparation of batch cost sheet, Treatment of .

Variable costing is used for CVP analysis because CVP analysis is based on the assumption that profits are calculated using variable costing.

Variable costing facilitates profit analysis as it separates variable and fixed costs and treats fixed costs as a period expense rather than . Activity-based costing in New Zealand Chapter One: Introduction 1 Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Overview This chapter provides a background and introduction to the dissertation.

The purpose of the research is outlined, and the motivation for this particular work is explained.

Activity based costing in new zealand

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