Billy wilder sunset boulevard essay

On the eve of his 90th birthday, the influential movie director Billy Wilder is appreciated for his many great films, several of which Hollywood has unsuccessfully tried to remake. Ready for a Close-Up. Immigrant to America Made Quintessential U.

Billy wilder sunset boulevard essay

Drama and Film Noir Running Time: In the opening scene, Joe Gillis William Holden floats lifelessly in a swimming pool, shot twice in the back and once in the stomach.


Perhaps the first narration done post mortem, Gillis proceeds to explain the events leading up to his untimely demise. Six months prior, he was a screenwriter with a couple of B-movies to his name, running from empty prospects and failing finances. Into the haunted mansion of a silent movie queen he steps, complete with a wheezing organ, vast, lonely rooms, sweet champagne and caviar… and a dead monkey upstairs.

But as Joe finds himself becoming more and more trapped by her maddening theatrics, flattering wealth, pitying suicide attempts, and a budding love-triangle romance with beautiful, young colleague Betty Shaefer Nancy Olsonhe must make weighty decisions that will ultimately lead him to the destiny laid out in the introductory shot.

With so few major players, plenty of attention went to developing remarkably singular characters: Few casts so genuinely perfect a dispiriting storyline of unmanageable love and masked rejection, infused with alternately terrifying insanity, nerve-wracking deceit, witty commentary, and cleverly all-inclusive narrations.

It also inspired the now regular audacity for film to confront the negative side of media and stardom, reflecting the darkest side of the spotlight and the chaos and eccentricity that seem to inextricably linger with celebrity.

And it continues to be a project of unquestionable importance and unrivaled influence more than 50 years later.Willy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard Essay - Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder’s “Sunset Boulevard” is a ’s film about famous, but forgotten, Norma Desmond, a silent film star, who has been living in exile, in her gloomy rundown mansion.

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Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard” is the portrait of a forgotten silent star, living in exile in her grotesque mansion, screening her old films, dreaming of a comeback.

But it's also a love story, and the love keeps it from becoming simply a waxworks or a freak show. Gloria Swanson gives her. Billy Wilder’s film narrative structure follows this function. One of Wilder’s films that is designed to perform some purpose is Sunset Boulevard, because it portrays the main antagonist Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) as horrific.

In Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard, he realistically exposes the corruptive, devastating influences of the new Hollywood and the studio system by showing the decline of old Hollywood legends many years after the coming of sound. Sunset Boulevard is a classic black and white comedy/drama, and.

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Study Guide for Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard study guide contains a biography of Billy Wilder, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Billy wilder sunset boulevard essay

Essay about Film Noir and Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard Words 5 Pages Film Noir, a term coined by the French to describe a style of film characterized by dark themes, storylines, and visuals, has been influencing cinematic industries since the ’s.

Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder