Children rights violation essay

Every human being is entitled to human rights such as right to live and exist, right to freedom, freedom from exploitation, equality before law, to have adequate standard of living etc. Rights have their corresponding duties. Human rights presuppose a rule of law and equality. Violation of human rights is very common among totalitarian, theocratic, despotic states tec.

Children rights violation essay

N7L 4R1 No one is perfect. Surely as humanity as a whole, our world is also lacking perfection. From this arise the many social justice issues we face today.

Equality is the one that stands out the most and receives the most constant attention, but there are many parts to this. The largest rights violation that still seems to elude the most change for the good is the equality rights for women and female children.

The Catholic Church taking in to consideration that it is a religion originating from Europe, descended after Judaism and then Christianity, and has been affected over many centuries by its neighboring countries and its subsequent religions believe a man should love and respect his wife as he would himself.

Initiatives must be made to put forth a greater effort to change how women Children rights violation essay general have been treated in our unforgettable past of pain and suffering. However the most damage is being done by the unethical values based on their religion which is overriding the laws put down to protect human rights even if they do exist.

Even with Children rights violation essay Geneva Conventions attempted to protect women and girls from gender specific violations, but the violations are still normal, and continue to be practiced.

Children rights violation essay

Even after the conflicts there is also the continuing abuse against women's rights with the trafficking of women and girls even after the conflicts.

These girls are tricked and then sold into 'slavery': This country has many cases, some of which I will quote: Maybe his father would slap him on the face twice, and that will be the end of it!

The secret was broken when the rape resulted in a pregnancy. Then two of her brothers were sent to kill her, sensing danger and before she was nearly killed to death in the street she found an adoptive family for her child, and later after moving hospitals and with police protection, she was stabbed to death.

There are deaths in everylive births" Yahoo News In Guinea, the girls are sent to host homes where they are treated horribly by those whom they are supposed to work for. By detaining women who have transgressed socially-acceptable norms and rape victims whose families have abandoned them, the government is choosing to prioritize chastity, virginity, and a traditional concept of family 'honor' over human rights" Libya: A threat to Society?

During the entire struggle, women and female children were taken advantage of by either force as a show of forceful terror: Women were subjected to sexual violence in their homes, as they sought refuge, after being found hiding in forests, after being stopped at military checkpoints, as they worked on their farms, and even in places of worship.

Sexual violence was often accompanied by other acts of physical violence such as beating, torture, killing, mutilation, or cannibalism.

Numerous women and girls were abducted and subjected to sexual slavery in rebel camps, where they endured rapes over extended periods of time. Resistance was frequently met with punishment, even death" My Heart is Cut In China, thousands of women are forced by anonymous men into abortions of their female babies, and sterilized to further prevent their country's overpopulation.

This is all done against their will, women as adults are not violated, but are as babies, children and young girls. Hillary Clinton stated during her speech at the U.

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The child, the girl, 'cannot' be given up for adoption without fear that the child might be beaten or sold into prostitution, especially if given it up in a 3rd world country that turns a blind eye to the rights of females. Instead Kuzhipappa is chosen, which means 'child that was meant for the burial pit.

In Palestine, women and girls suffer a wide range or physical violence at home from their husbands and other family members. However, regardless of how horrific the abuse they often do not even report it to the proper authorities "Palestinian women rarely report violence to the authorities.

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This is true regardless of whether the crime is spousal abuse, child abuse, rape, incest, or 'honor' crimes. The low rate at which women report such crimes is a symptom of the significant social and legal obstacles still in the way of meaningful gender-based violence prevention and response in the OPT.

The customs by which they live oppresses and restricts these women so much that they can be hunted and killed by their relatives. A Palestinian woman's life is at risk if she is suspected of engaging in behavior her family or community considers taboo, such as talking with a man who is not her husband or a blood relative even in public placerefusing to tell a close male relative where she has been and with whom, or marrying someone without the approval of her family: Even after the Taliban left, they are still not allowed to attend movies, they are forced to wear a burka a robe that covers them from head to footand tortured in many forms for unjust reasons.Sexual violence against children is a gross violation of children’s rights.

But it is a global reality across all countries and social groups. It takes the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography. It can happen everywhere, in homes, institutions, schools, workplaces. What Are Childrens Rights In India International Law Essay.

and look into complaints or take suo motu notice of cases of violation of the constitutional and legal rights of children. advocates need to bring instances of the violation of children’s rights to the attention of the government and the public, and demand change.

The media expose children to crime and violence on a daily basis. We will write a custom essay sample on.

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We will write a custom essay sample on. The Role of the Media in the Violation of Children’s Rights. or . Violation of Child Rights in Indian Society Friday 8 April Any research or grassroots activism in the field of child rights will reveal that child rights violation isn't a phenomenon triggered by a single factor but in fact interplay of multiple catalysts.

• Child negligence can be real abuse when children suffer from lack of affection, treatment, protection and food. • Sexual abuse like indecent exposure in front of a child, rape, incest etc., constitutes a serious violation of children.

Yet the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), ratified by almost every state, favours the replacement of the concept of parental “rights” over children with parental “responsibilities,” ensuring that the child’s best interests are parents’ “basic concern” (Article 18).

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