Cyber evolution essay

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Cyber evolution essay

Some news outlets claim that citizen journalists threaten journalistic integrity and professionalism Holetzky, ; Bulkley, However, it was citizen journalists, who sometimes caught provocative footages, such as inappropriate behavior of law enforcement authorities, or celebrities doing something worth more attention, than usual.

Therefore, citizen journalists provide people with another point of view, and thus, help mainstream media hold higher standards. It is clear that these journalists are not journalists in the true meaning of this word, since they have not spent years in this area, and have no appropriate education.

Nevertheless, it is exactly those people, who are sometimes able to provide regular people with bare facts, and allow them to decide how these facts should be treated.

Cyber evolution essay

It is rather obvious that such freedom in personal expression could be realized, using the opportunities that only Internet can provide. Thus, emerging of such concept, as citizen journalism was conditioned by the evolutionary changes in Internet and nothing else Holetzky, Cyber Journalism as a Social Construct Cyber journalism concept emerged to satisfy the specific needs of particular small group of people.

Online pioneers firstly wanted to share the information, and then began to realize that they could provide regular people with alternative views on the common facts.

In a while, this concept became more popular than this initial group had even possibly expected. Along with growing popularity of online journalism, the perception of information presented by cyber journalists altered.

It happpened because people have changed. People got used to Internet and mobile communications, and began to perceive it as something that has always been in their life. It is not surprising that, after decades of evolutionary changes, Internet became a more influential source of information than usual news outlets Domingo, ; Cohen, A small group of people created cyber journalism to be able to express their thoughts, using such advantages of Internet as anonymity, unlimited access to the audience, and free of charge process of blogging, commenting, posting, etc.

If, at the beginning, online journalism was some kind of a toy or a way to let off some steam, today it overgrew this role and became a serious instrument with numerous opportunities. In fact, the tools for online journalism were created in order to provide people with additional convenience, and make something useful for Internet.

As all can see today, Internet is only the medium for information exchange in various forms. Only people can make useless or tremendously influential, and useful information, creating such social constructs as cyber journalism Domingo, ; Cohen, Participatory Journalism Online journalism has many forms, and not all of them are substantially influential or provocative, as serous online journalists and citizen journalists might think.

In some cases, cyber journalism is just the development of some interesting topic on some website. Participatory journalism is one of such cases.

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