Dragana vujic academic writing

Some of their antecedents were writers and poets. Miroslav of Hum was a 12th-century Great Prince of Zachlumia from toan administrative division appanage of the medieval Serbian Principality Rascia covering Herzegovina and southern Dalmatia. Anonymous author of the Chronicle of the Priest of Dukljaa 12th-century literary work, preserved in its Latin version only, has all the indication that it was written in Old Slavic, or, at least, that a portion of the material included in it existed previously in the Slavic language.

Dragana vujic academic writing

Despite its importance, reading comprehension instruction still remains drought and far from satisfactory. Even though we rarely talk about explicit grammar teaching in connection with young learners, in this workshop I would like to share some tried-and-tested activities where abstract grammar concepts such as word order or the tense system become tangible and memorable through visualization.

Bottles, boxes, wood, children toys that don't work anymore,etc. I see things around me and make them interesting and funny, and most of all useful in my teaching.

And children like it too! Tina Blatnik Culture in the classroom Primary school, Secondary school, Adults Culture forms an integral part of the language learning curricula. Linguistic competence dragana vujic academic writing not enough for successful communication in a foreign language, one also has to master the cultural contexts in which the language occurs.

This workshop will provide supplemental activities which will make culture learning a consistent component of your language classes. Barbi Bujtas Four YouTube genres to spice up your lessons Primary school, Secondary school, Adults Learners tend to see school and learning as something ultimately boring, slow and flat.

Most probably one of the websites they regularly visit is YouTube. The session will present you with some activities to harness the wow factor offered by four types of these short videos to increase engagement, highly in the spirit of videotelling.

And, of course, you're welcome to share your ideas and thoughts, as well. Many of those students have problems with recalling basic vocabulary, are unable to understand grammatical rules and when to apply them, have difficulties understanding the instructions and cannot communicate in English at all.

So where to start? How to help them? Which approaches to chose?

dragana vujic academic writing

This will aid in presenting the next problem: English well is perceived as unnecessary - especially on the internet - since "everyone knows English". But merely knowing it does not mean knowing it well.

Motivation Revisited Secondary school Present day teenagers, the so called 'Z-generation' require somewhat different approaches and techniques to lift their 'affective filters' and keep them motivated in the English lessons. Especially those who are low-level, or very mixed- level and low-motivated anyway.

In this hands-on workshop I wish to share those ideas and activities that helped me work with a 'difficult group' successfully, against all odds! Alenka Gortan How ideal is an ideal husband? Secondary school I would like to share my experience of how I Introduced Victorian period and the play An Ideal Husband to my students of the fourth year before they actually started reading the play.

The Victorian period will be introduced by a short quiz pair work, witty and amuzing questions, answers will be presented by means of power point presentation. Then a brief introduction to the play will be made.

There will be ten topics given to students before they start reading the play. In my talk I will discuss what music meant to the author of An Ideal Husband and how his attitude towards music is reflected in his literary work.

We will go back in time, exploring the great Victorian from a musical point of view.

dragana vujic academic writing

Vesna Gros How to encourage learner autonomy with an e-portfolio Primary school, Secondary school Mahara is a web application for creating electronic portfolios.This article has been cited by the following articles in journals that are participating in CrossRef Cited-by Linking.

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She is the author of numerous papers. Dragana Vujic of Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child of Serbia, Belgrade with expertise in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine (General Medicine), Pathology.

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In academic / - present year I was teaching on graduate Master study: Marketing Management of Personal Selling, Sales promotion, merchandising and franshising and Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Economics.

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