Fall writing activity for second grade

These math activities give students an opportunity to not only do the math but also provide a written response and have a little bit of cut and paste fun along the way. Each of the two pages approaches the standard in a slightly different way. The activities include cut and paste as well as written responses. Some written responses require students to answer a computational question, draw a geometric figure or measure an object.

Fall writing activity for second grade

I know I am a little late posting this on the blog, but I wanted to be able to display my students' writing examples!

fall writing activity for second grade

For Thanksgiving, we only have a 2 day week. I like to do writing activities during these 2 days. We did a narrative story, a persuasive writing, and a descriptive writing.

For the narrative story, I gave the students the prompt "Pretend you wake up on Thanksgiving morning and you are a turkey This was by far the best writing they have done all year!!

When they finished their writing, the colored turkeys to paste around the paper. You can check out our Scaredy Cats that were very similar. For the persuasive writing, they had to choose to have Tom the Turkey or Pat the Pig for Thanksgiving dinner. They had to persuade me to want their choice for dinner.

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This was a great time to explain why we should use a variety of descriptive words instead of just using good and bad. Finally, for the descriptive writing, they had to create their own recipe for a turkey.

The ideas ranged from chocolate turkey to a fruit turkey recipe. They glued the pages onto construction paper to take home to their parents. All of these ideas are in my 21 page Thanksgiving Writing Packet.

You can get it at my TPT store. Narrative I woke up Thanksgiving morning and was a turkey Have students make a bracelet with colored beads to help them retell about the first Thanksgiving.Second Grade Lesson Plans View By Grade Level: Kindergarten First Second Third Fourth Fifth.

2nd Lesson 1: 1. Go over lab rules and meet the teacher by watching this Fall Activities: 2nd Lesson 9: They will use the writing tool to then type one sentence about each season. They will learn how to print. 2nd. 2nd Grade Writing Prompts #4: Fall Without further adieu, I give you 10, count 'em, 10 free 2nd grade writing prompts about my favorite season: fall.

I love autumn for multiple reasons, the least of which is my birthday, but I've always been a fan of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the beautiful colors of the falling leaves. Free Fall Writing Activity - I hope you enjoy this Fall Freebie! Find this Pin and more on Fabulous second grade Fall Ideas by Julie Miller.

Fall literacy and math activities for heartoftexashop.com, pronounces, blends, and segments syllables in spoken words using actions.

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