Magnet program

The letters may take a few days in the mail but if you have not received any form of notification by Monday, March 19,please contact the schools directly. Log back into the Magnet application system to accept your chosen school. Students will remain on the random selection list for the schools to which they are currently wait-listed. If Important Notes for Accepted Students:

Magnet program

One school has been a magnet and one has not. Is that school eligible to apply for a merit award this year? We have students in the main school students in the magnet. That means we only have Can we still apply? Unfortunately, you are not eligible. Please confirm if they are ineligible since they are a PreK school.

I noticed the application says K schools. Unfortunately, Pre-K schools are not eligible. Only schools that contain K classrooms. I am a magnet coordinator at ABC Magnet. This is our third year so we won't have 3 or 4 years of data. Can we still apply this year?

My Magnet was established in as a Communications and Technology program; however, in we successfully changed the name and theme of our program to College Prep and Digital Arts. When applying for an award, can I apply under the "New and Emerging" category, since our theme has recently changed?

Evidence of that could be a new school code or a MSAP grant. Demographic Profile I am in the process of completing the demographic profile for my school.

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Which ethnic category should I group them with? Please include Filipino under the Asian category and make sure to provide an explanation in the narrative. The data that is provided to the school, are we allowed to go in-depth with the data by looking into certain subgroups ie.

Since the information may not be captured in the data table, you can always describe this information in the narrative. Can you tell me more about the information concerning mirroring the demographic diversity of the district? Our district is very segregated and our school is diverse.

We are decreasing the gap and getting closer to reflect the diversity but our goal would never be to mirror our district because it needs to work on diversity. Can you tell me more about that? The information we are asking is aligned with federal government for MSAP funding.

These are goals and aspirations, not rules, so please describe in the narrative what you are doing. My school has a specific area application zone.

Magnet Programs

The demographics of the application community is far off of the district. Can our goal be to reflect the population of our community - not the district? In the past we were marked off for being more than 20 points off the district.Each Magnet Program emphasizes a specialized theme.

Our goal is to create educational interests, celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity, and .

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What are Magnet Schools. By , the term “magnet” had caught on so well that in just four short years, that the federal government, contemplating fiscal assistance, was using the term. , Federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program was authorized, providing grants to magnet schools.

Choose a Magnet Program. 2. Parish School Board approved policy allows students enrolled in a dedicated magnet school to progress to the next magnet school level if they apply and qualify.

Therefore, students who attend elementary magnet schools will receive priority admission into. If Accepted: Log back into the Magnet application system to accept your chosen school. Please note, once a school/program is selected, the other schools to which the student was accepted will be automatically declined.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System offers outstanding magnet programs in nine elementary schools, nine middle schools and six high schools throughout the parish.

Magnet program

Many of our magnet schools have been recognized for earning Blue Ribbon status and for being awarded numerous Magnet Schools of America Merit awards. Duval County’s magnet programs are steadily improving to meet the needs of all students.

Approximately 20, students participate in 30 different program areas offered in 71 schools. Applications.

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