Mba research papers on economics

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Mba research papers on economics

Teachers as Project Managers: Is your guidance counselor inclined to send top quartile students your way? And, no doubt you find it frustrating.

Does better mean smarter? In many respects, the challenge of enrolling more, and more appropriate, students is a simple and straightforward marketing problem.

If the potential student is our market, then parents, administrators, counselors, and guidance staff are the gatekeepers and influencers. Critical to any discussion of positioning any product or service is to view it through the eyes of the customer and gatekeepers.

You purchase the instructional materials of your choice, but only if they are approved by the gatekeepers in your school. Therefore, a textbook company must convince you that their book should be your first choice, and in turn get the approval of your school board, principal, department chair, or other gatekeeper.

We all know that we do good things for kids. But what we fail to do is to communicate the value we add in terms that are meaningful to our customers and gatekeepers. Since we will not make the decision to grow, close, fund, discourage or encourage business administration programs, we must learn to communicate on the basis of the interests and reward structures of those who will: Administrators and guidance counselors in the school, parents and their children, and our business communities.

Along these lines, we must begin to think of our programs as a brand. And, experts in building brands will suggest that we need to send a consistent message, identify and manage touch points, consider the competition, and build a marketing and communications strategy that addresses benefits of interest to the targeted groups.

Touch points are where our programs and our customers and gatekeepers interact. Curriculum might be viewed as one. Our classroom and the message its condition sends might be a touch point. Interestingly, at least in the case of business and marketing programs, we need to recognize that each of our potential audiences has different touch points, different reward structures, and different perspectives.

If we are to build stronger programs, we must address each. Getting the focus right. Rule one in building a brand is to develop a strategic message that is consistent, easily understood, and that has value to the target audience.

Unfortunately, although certainly not the case in all schools, we have too often confused our various audiences with mixed messages and misleading labels. We call it marketing education, but in many cases the curriculum focuses on consumer economics, core business skills, retailing, work readiness, and student organization activities.

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Although there have been significant improvements in recent years, in many states, the typical high school curriculum remains oriented to basic business and consumer concepts. We call it business education, but in many cases the curriculum focuses on basic computer applications — on tools that are very generic and used by virtually all professionals.

Business law is often more about being a consumer than it is about business. To its credit, National DECA is doing an admirable job of aligning its events with national standards, building a strong case for the co-curricular aspect of the organization.

Cooperative work experience typically translates to part-time jobs wherever they happen to be available. Most co-op students work side-by-side with other students who are not enrolled in marketing or any other curriculum-based work experience.

The message to administrators: Why should I pay a teacher to supervise the program? Our future success will depend on us developing and managing a consistent, branded message that focuses on those experiences and related benefits that matter to our various constituencies customers and gatekeepers.

There are many opportunities to manage our touch points. Issues and trends of interest include: Heavy emphasis on STEM science, technology, engineering, and math curricula. Project Lead the Way has effectively channeled this interest into the pre-engineering program that the organization supports.

Resources are being consumed disproportionately to support STEM-based programs. Students are being required to take more and more math. Interestingly, we seem more interested in layering on more math in the high school than in strengthening the core arithmetic and very basic math skills taught in elementary and middle schools — the very math that our focus groups suggest is most useful to most business leaders.

The STEM emphasis is beginning to morph into discussions of other upscale programs in health, agriculture, and through our own High School of Business, in marketing and business education. The interest in STEM will wane as students begin to find an excess of engineers and the like.

We should seriously consider building statistics into our own program requirements. When students understand probability and very basic statistics, it quite literally changes their lives. Computer applications courses, particularly those centered on various Microsoft Office applications, are rapidly moving to the elementary and middle schools.Offers full-time and part-time MBA and PhD degrees, executive education, Masters in financial engineering, and undergraduate programs.

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Mba research papers on economics

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