Modelling master thesis

Overview[ edit ] Enterprise modelling is the process of building models of whole or part of an enterprise with process modelsdata modelsresource models and or new ontologies etc. An enterprise includes a number of functions and operations such as purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, finance, engineering, and research and development. The enterprise of interest are those corporate functions and operations necessary to manufacture current and potential future variants of a product.

Modelling master thesis

Apply In addition to in-class projects, Math Modeling graduate students at Humboldt State must complete a thesis project as part of their degree.

Projects tend to be practical and directly applicable to a specific scientific question. This gives students a broader context for the math they are studying and a deeper understanding of the application problem their model can help solve.

Thesis projects allow students to work with other departments on problems to solve. And Math Modeling students take courses with those from other programs within environmental systems, expanding the scope of problems their work can help solve.

Thesis projects in Math Modeling have consistently been honored with top awards. Nominations are accepted from all disciplines, so Math Modeling projects stand out for their high level of accomplishment. Another area of research examines the use of individual-based models IBMs for applied and theoretical ecology, led by mathematics Prof.

He collaborates with ecologists, biologists, environmental engineers, and software professionals on research goals including: Developing a conceptual basis for individual-based ecology Applying fish IBMs to river management questions such as: How do changes in flow and temperature affect fish populations?

What effects do loss of pools, increased turbidity, competition, predation, and habitat connectivity have on population dynamics? Thesis projects in Mathematical Modeling Recent theses in Math Modeling have examined a wide diversity of topics.

They range from measuring how plants sense gravity to working with foresters on understanding how fires spread.

modelling master thesis

Such research and critical thinking prepares students for the real problem-solving challenges they will face in their career. The following thesis projects are not the only theses completed in recent years but they are representative of research within our program.

It found that enough renewable energy is available to supply Humboldt County but not in a timely fashion. Without suitable energy storage capability, the county would have to import power in times of shortages and sell power in times of excess. This project won the Patricia O. McConkey Award for Outstanding Thesis.

Theses from other Universities Aristotle was the first philosopher to define the term thesis.

Small crustaceans called krill have been shown to fragment these particles. This thesis developed a mathematical model to quantify the effect of marine snow fragmentation by krill on the rate of carbon storage. It found that the effect can be substantial in some cases. This is an important part of understanding how our planet will respond to high levels of CO2.

Conservation Biology Benjamin Holt, "Stochastic spatial model for the consumption of organic forest soils in a smoldering ground fire. Smoldering ground fires have an enormous impact upon the ecology and management practice of forest lands throughout the temperate zone.

This thesis developed a mathematical model to assess these two factors in local populations of the endangered Western Snowy Plover. The main mathematical result was using conditioning to compute the probable location of the landmine-clearing device.

We used this technique to detect fish outlines in underwater video. We hope to use this technique to some day automate the estimation of salmon and steelhead populations. The project combined experimental data collection and modeling of the bending angles of oat shoots.

The data analysis relied on automation and sophisticated image-processing techniques.Sep 12,  · In your Master's thesis, you must answer the thesis question with conviction and clarity in the written presentation submitted to complete a Master's degree.

Make sure that your question and the answers provided will provide original content to the body of research in existence%(64). Structure.

The program is usually one to one and a half years in duration, and may include a thesis component. Entrance requirements are generally multivariable calculus, linear algebra, differential equations and some exposure to computer programming (usually C++); programs emphasizing financial mathematics may require some background in .

Division of Applied Mathematics Master Thesis in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics Valuation of cancelable interest rate swaps via Hull-White trinomial tree model.


modelling master thesis

The objective for this master thesis is to investigate the possibility to predict the risk of stocks in financial markets. The data used for model estimation has been gathered from different branches. Three Math Modeling theses in recent years have also won the McConkey Outstanding Thesis Award, which recognizes distinguished scholarly achievement at the master’s level.

Nominations are accepted from all disciplines, so Math Modeling projects stand out for their high level of accomplishment.

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