Movie review pirates of silicon valley

Chris 21 June An excellent movie Those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them!!

Movie review pirates of silicon valley

It portrays the early life of perhaps the two most influential geeks that set out to do just so-Steve Jobs and Bill Gates-portrayed by Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall respectively. The movie, while based on historical fact did alter things a bit for dramatic reasons. Looking into the characters from the very beginning brings us to the realization that from the very onset of their dreams, they had seen the world very differently.

The parallel stories of the two companies are narrated by their respective co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Ballmer, long-time friends of Jobs and Gates. At that time IBM was the big brother in the computer world that everyone else feared. Everyone dressed alike at IBM, company songs and jingles filled the air, and men in suits were everywhere.

Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak formed their own company, Apple Computers and begun making computers in a garage. Apple was up and running. Meanwhile Bill Gates was off in school doing wild things. He slept in his clothes, never could find his ties, and dreamed of computers and power.

Bill Gates formed a company called Microsoft that made software such as operating systems. Meanwhile, at the Apple camp, Jobs and his colleagues were brought to the Xerox development center where technicians were creating a computer with graphical interface. Ultimately, they reject the new innovations.

Jobs was given full demonstrations of the computers and understands the potential behind the new technology. Bill weasels his way into the heart of Steve Jobs, Apples founder and has access to Apples new machines. After reverse engineering and a few modifications, Windows is born.

Apple discovers this during a speech touting Apples new advertisement campaign for the Macintosh. Bill Gates yells at Steve Jobs for the first time. The great rivalry between Windows, and Mac is born. Jobs was clearly portrayed in the movie as thriving on conflict, but his delight in turning his own company against itself leads directly to his downfall.

At the time, Microsoft unassailably dominated the personal computer world. Jobs had been unceremoniously ousted from Apple a couple of years earlier, and although he had returned, his company had been making huge losses.

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While Jobs and Gates were indisputably brilliant men, they did not invent much of the technology that is widely attributed to them. So, this is as much a film about intellectual theft and the grandiose egotism necessary to morally justify such actions, as it is about genius and inspiration and the world-changing technology they wrought.Culture Revisiting 'Pirates of Silicon Valley', the original Steve Jobs movie.

This TV movie about the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft starred Noah Wyle as Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall. Set in Los Angeles, the film centres on Mark (Noah Wyle), a movie sound mixer whose therapist wife Phoebe (Sharon Leal) is divorcing him.

Continue reading: Pirates Of Silicon Valley Review. Pirates of Silicon Valley was a fairly informative look at how Apple and Microsoft came to be, and there were some very interesting looks at what the first personal computers looked like, but the film itself is not nearly as informative as it should be.

Jun 20,  · Review: 'Codegirl' Highlights Young Women Who Are Closing The Gender Gap In Tech 06 November | The Playlist; Noah Wyle interview: The Librarians, ER, playing Steve Jobs Title: Pirates of Silicon Valley (TV Movie ) / Want to /10(K).

Movie review pirates of silicon valley

So as not to make this a review of the movie itself, and by adding some facts and speculation from other sources from the Internet, these are just some of the basics of what happened during the early years of the development of the PC and why the term ‘pirates’ was used as part of the title of the movie.

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Pirates of Silicon Valley : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video