Perception of violence against women

August 21, by Team Celebration Leave a Comment Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse, and intimate partner violence IPVis a pattern of behavior which involves the abuse by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, dating or within the family.

Perception of violence against women

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This study therefore hopes to challenge the former myth and address the latter difficulty to intervene. The focus of this document is on healthcare associated with Violence against women. Since reproductive health care is unable to provide the requisite aid in this regard, a public health care approach with a an impetus to primary prevention is the most effective way to address the root cause of Violence against women which are found fundamentally in gender norms, roles, inequalities and gender based discrimination.

Major gaps in research and data were realized in the WHO consultation of Violence against women and prevalent investigatory methods were questioned. A number of objectives of the study were highlighted: To cross-culturally estimate the prevalence of all forms of violence against women To quantify the effect on health outcomes for women To compute protective as well as risk factors To increase sensitivity towards the issue and those affected by it To maintain safety and ethical standards as per the guidelines.

To make meaningful comparisons so as to build common tools, strategies, methodologies etc The report highlighted the wide prevalence of physical and sexual violence and attempted to generate patterns with respect to continued violence, the prevalence of overlap between different types of violence together, the risk and protective factors as well as other specific factors and their interactions.

Some of the specific factors that were considered in depth were: Younger women at higher risk; younger men tend to be more violent Education: An inversely proportionate relationship was found.

American perceptions of sexual violence

An important and widespread non-quantifiable aspect of violence that often goes unnoticed is emotional abuse and controlling behaviour. In order to challenge the common perception that non-partner violence against women is higher than intimate partner violence, the study explores both and discovers that while non partner violence is widespread in the case of girls under the age of 15 child sexual abuseit is in fact intimate partner violence that is more prevalent and most under calculated and addressed.

A strong relationship was also found between the severity of violence and incidences of leaving.

Perception of violence against women

Although patterns and prevalence of Violence against Women in all cultures and economic zones were observed by this study, wide variation in the responses across cultures and settings were also seen.

This is an important factor which demonstrates that there is nothing natural or inevitable about this sort of violence against women; and that an effort by all sectors and networks that consider the following recommendations and work to bring about an attitudinal change, can be instrumental in ameliorating the situation.

Recommendations made by the study urge the involvement of all sectors and mobilization of women therein. These can be classified under the following headings: Strengthening National Commitment and Action.

This would include multi-sectoral plans, legislation, capacity building, adherence to Human Rights treaties, active participation of leadership etc.

Perception of violence against women

A wide array of programmes to be developed, implemented and evaluated along with advocacy and dissemination of information related to violence and risk factors. Additionally integration within other programmes and increased physical and emotional safety is of the essence.

Involving the Education and Health Sector. Participation of schools is fundamental in preventing child sexual abuse along with creating a positive, violence and harassment free environment. The health sector response spearheaded by the reproductive health sector needs to integrate at the planning level a number of identifiers, services, security, sensitization, training etc.

Supporting Women living with Violence. It is indispensable to strengthen access to services and other sources of support including informal networks. This can be further corroborated by sensitizing the criminal justice system to help remove stigma, embarrassment and increased access.

Supporting Research and Collaboration. The research gap must be filled in the area of causes of violence, other determinants, preventive measures, potential interventions etc.

Another important fissure that needs to be addressed is one of funding which could further translate plan into action.The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM) is an advocacy collective of thought leaders, activists, practitioners and academics working globally to end violence against women .

The perception of the threat of violence in the workplace against women has a direct reflection on the work background and the characteristic make-up of an employee. Results of this survey were discussed in terms of the broader applicability to future issues of violence in the workplace.

Abuse against women is based on a society’s perceptions, not only of violence, but also of men and women. The purpose of the present study is to assess women and men’s perception of IPV by determining the prevalence and associated factors of this phenomenon in Benin.

This special collection outlines how faith leaders from many different spiritual communities can become effective allies in the prevention and intervention of domestic violence in their communities.

Violence against older women Registration is open so sign up now for the next PreventConnect web conference Changing the public perception about violence against women. This web conference is free.

The web conference will be held. Tuesday, February 15, ; 11 AM Pacific Standard Time (2 PM Eastern) repeated Wednesday, February 16, 11 AM Pacific Standard Time(2 PM Eastern). Sep 10,  · The Perception of Violence Against Women As a psychologist in training, I admit not all of my Internet searches are psychology related, but I am always aware of the relationship between my procrastination time and my field of study.

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