Reading hobby essay for kids

Syed Usman My Hobbies Essay:

Reading hobby essay for kids

A scan suggests that the vast majority use this term ironically. They are boasting about their obsession with books and reading. This addiction is a badge of honour, a status symbol.

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What about real addiction? Much has been written about Internet addiction. For China the number is 10 million.

Block wants Internet addiction formalized with an entry in DSM-V the new edition of the standard classification of mental disorders expected in He outlines the key characteristics: Is reading an addiction or, more pointedly, a pathology?

Just think of those reading a book while walking or standing in an elevator although perhaps this latter is as much social distancing as reading addiction. And what about those people reading their smartphones while driving?

This is an extraordinarily dangerous habit compulsion?

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Essay on Reading on reading books for kids Article shared by Reading of books is a pleasure.
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These people have made a clear choice of reading over safety. What we call addiction with respect to TV, gambling, gaming, or the Internet is not so described for reading. How is compulsive gambling in-person or online different than compulsive reading? Or simply the odds of good things happening which, admittedly, are far better for reading than gambling.

Explicit concerns about reading were much more common in the 18th and 19th centuries when mass literacy was emerging as a result of improved educational practices and the availability of cheap reading materials increased.

Many saw reading as a threat to children; reading was to be discouraged and children to be focused elsewhere. Polster quotes Johann Gottfried Hoche The implication is not simply that obsessive or unsupervised reading is damaging but that the example of doing it, the public activity of this act, will lead others infect them to behave the same way.

Is reading a disease? Our concepts of addiction or dysfunction are clearly culturally shaped. We are comfortable talking about these in relation to TV, video games, the Internet, and many other things but reading is absolved of this.

Consider, for example, the way the medical community perceives hyperlexia. Hyperlexia is the ability of a child to read very early and to become obsessed with words. It is often, although not always, associated with autism.

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We are happily addicted. Our obsession is a mark of distinction. We are blind to the possibility of a future beyond literacy, beyond our drug.Very good, I agree with this mindset, for almost everything. But there are a few exceptions, mostly your body and mins integrity, and your kids (if any).

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Reading hobby essay for kids

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