The growing need for vocational education essay

Select Page Vocational Education Essay Vocational Education is the skill based training provided to students through diverse courses available in several career fields such as health care, banking and finance, computer technology, trade, tourism and so on.

The growing need for vocational education essay

And especially in country like India where major percentage of our education system is based on the conventional studies, which alone cannot help our students to become self reliant, vocational education is the call of the time.

This mode of education should be encouraged in our society because it also gives students the opportunity to earn experience, which is extremely important.

So read and know on your own! I Kartika Sharma being an alumnus of this school is present before you to sensitize you all on the relevance of vocational education which has really become need of the hour.

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In our growing ages we have been always taught to work hard and make successful careers in professions like Doctors, Engineers and so on.

The times have changed and society itself is getting evolved and what we need in the current times is education system that teaches us skills instead of just providing us with education and that too through rote learning.

When teachers start providing knowledge of this paradigm then the students will also start following their dreams.

Some students would like to become chefs while others would like to be in the fashion industry. A new trend has started these days becoming makeup artists. This career ensures huge amount of money as well as one can follow their passion and improve their skills day by day.

Vocational education would make you self-sufficient and independent altogether and would motivate you every day to develop something new which in turn would benefit our country.

Even our government has started taking initiatives to improve vocational educational education in India. We need to think out of the box if we want to climb the ladder of success.

Sticking to only basic education will not suffice. The type of education we need has to be job oriented otherwise if everybody will be following same path then there will be fewer jobs and more competition. I hope that I have been able to make you all aware about the importance of vocational education and how we should start adopting them.

Long and Short Essay on Vocational Education in English

Thank You Very much for your Precious Time! Today we all have gathered here to address a very important topic, which is regarding vocation education. Being the Principal of this school I would like to announce that the zero periods that starts after the assembly everyday would be now utilized for you students to get a hold on skills that you feel is your passion.

We have established certain vocational sections with their heads who will teach the required skills. It was a very necessary step as I believe that vocational education is the need of the hour.

This kind of course will prepare you all for a specific profession which could be anything ranging from learning Culinary skills, Beautician Course, Makeup Artists etc.


These courses will make you all job oriented i. Vocational training helps to improve your skills rather than adopting conventional academic learning.

These will help you to enhance your skills and would be ideal in instilling in you all a stable career. Getting training through vocational courses will be an added advantage to your regular academic learning. We as your facilitators of knowledge believe that school is the most appropriate period of your life where you can recognize your skills and take time to improve them by these courses.

There is no hard and fast rule that all of you have to take similar ones. If anybody feels that they need to learn something out of the box, please feel free to inform us and we will introduce that course for you. We just want that you as students should listen to your dreams and passion.

These abilities will provide you with an extra edge over others when you step out of your school and get ready for the job market.

The growing dependence on Vocational Education Instruction is a process which empowers a student to think for himself/herself and make their choices in life. On the other hand, the present day schooling system places emphasis on rote learning and insalubrious opposition. Essay on the need of technical and vocational education. An essay that ends with a friend in need is a friend indeed weed An essay that ends with a friend in need is a friend indeed weed le conseil constitutionnel organe politique ou juridictionnel dissertation war in kosovo essay good introduction for industrial revolution essay from 4. Growing Need For Vocational Education. Vocational Education It is unfortunate that the importance of vocational education has diminished over the past twenty five years. The emphasis that used to be placed on learning a trade that would provide a living has disappeared with the typewriter and slide rule.

These would also help you in earning extra money so you will always be in an advantageous position than your peers. Vocational training therefore is need of the hour in India which is an extra course other than your education.

Nobody is forcing you to choose these courses but always remember that whatever we teachers do for you is always for the betterment of our students and for our country as it would make you job ready plus self-sufficient individuals of our society.

The final decision is going to be your students; you will have to choose what is right and wrong in your life. We all can just guide you on the right path but it is you who have to walk on the path shown by us.

Today I take immense pleasure in standing before you all and presenting a speech on vocational education being the need of the hour in India.Essay on Growing Need for Vocational Education – Essay 4 ( words) Introduction Vocational education is the course of study that prepares students for handling the jobs practically rather than understanding their aspects theoretically.

Low-Income Students Need Access to Higher Education Essay examples - Higher education is education acquired after one has completed courses in institutions offering secondary education like high schools, and it is acquired in universities and institutions of technical training.

Vocational education, or career and technical education, is an elective program that provides middle, high school, and adult learners with training in a particular career. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 11 million people are served by the vocational education system in the United States/5(3).

Vocational education is a multifaceted one as it tends to focus around several careers which include auto repair, woodworking, carpentry, blacksmith, cosmetology, and other fields.

The growing need for vocational education essay

There are many vocational schools across the country which provide the students to gain valuable hands-on experience. The Crewing Need for Vocational Education Education is a process which empowers a student to think for himself herself and make his/her decision in life.

However, the present day education system puts emphasis on rote-learning and unhealthy competition. Sep 01,  · The demise of vocational education at the high school level has bred a skills shortage in manufacturing today, and with it a wealth of career opportunities for .

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