The internets effect on marketing communication

A few years ago, it was expected that the internet would democratize news coverage. While print media is being rapidly reborn online, web-based news appears to be constraining the number of conversations instead of expanding them. The Internet has profoundly changed journalism, but not necessarily in ways that were predicted even a few years ago, a study on the industry released Sunday found.

The internets effect on marketing communication

It includes not just the policy of collection development itself but also the procedures of selection, acquisition and evaluation. With the use of the Internet and the advent of the virtual library, the new direction in collection development has become a number one issue.

This article considers future directions for collection development from four standpoints: In light of this, one priority is to discuss the effects on collection development in libraries; the change itself, the problems and the solutions.

This article will consider future directions for collection development taking into account the virtual library environment - the means of acquisition; related problems; and future directions 2.

What are the major differences between the virtual library and the traditional library? They are set out below: Global The Internet has one special feature: With the network's connections and the ability to retrieve its resources one fact is clear - the library's scope is both in collection and service and is no longer local but global.

The users that the library serves are also from all over the world through network connection and access, as is their information gathering. Just-in-time Usually collection development is a continuous process of achieving the library's specific goals.

Sometimes a library will not be able to instantly fulfil a customer's request if it does not have the requisite materials. In other words, the direction of collection development is toward to a "just-in-case" orientation.

It emphasises how to achieve a collection already planned by the library.

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But with the ability to retrieve remote resources on the Internet at any time, the future direction of collection development will divert to the "just-in-time" orientation. This puts emphasis on immediately satisfying the customer's on demand requests. Although the "just-in-case" and the "just-in-time" are equally important, the library still has to decide the balance between them to develop the best collection for users.

Access It may seem that access is much more important than ownership in fulfulling the on-demand request instantly, but in fact this is not the case. Ownership and access are dependent on each other. If the library only cares about how to get maximum access and neglects how to acquire ownership, it will become a mere network or gateway node.

Resources will then be monopolised by publishers and ultimately, the library descends into a "ghost" building with out-dated materials.


Coordination With the virtual library, the customer need not make a visit in order to gather information: In addition to collecting data, the library also transforms itself by arranging networked resources to offer the user direct or indirect access.

Moreover, the means of deposit are also different from the traditional, because all resources are digitalised and saved, accessible at any site. Certainly libraries have to organise and provide these resources virtually by network connections.

This means that, for instance, cataloguing and document delivery services are much closer to collection development than ever before. Thus, the distinction between the technical and reader service departments will decline and eventually they may even be integrated.

Information can be delivered instantaneously all over the world - information creation and flow is much faster than ever before.

The internets effect on marketing communication

The flow of information is so quick that it becomes a great challenge for the library to plan a strategy of collection development on the Internet.

Let us first consider the methods of acquisition in the following terms: With the digital library, many resources are in digitalized formats. Moreover, with the advent of the World-Wide Web, networked resources are arranged and displayed by hyperlinks, hyper-media and motion pictures.

Access is interactive and very dissimilar to print access.This article aims to demonstrate the positive effects of the Internet on the tourism industry in three main areas: planning travel, commerce and industry structure. The document highlight that the journeyers have several tools provided by the Internet to receiving, looking for and sharing.

The Internet’s Effect on Journalism in: Current Events, Hot Issues, Internet, Latest Trend An Associated Press article about the impact of the internet on journalism has a few interesting findings.

What is Internet's Effect on Civil Society? Online communication meets the criteria for social capital as defined by Robert Putnam, as it provides a network where people can get together and interact in specific forums designed for people with specific interests.

Communication online also allows for civic engagement, as the Internet can. Conclusion From all the above we can see that the Internet is a whole new world emerging at the conclusion of the 20th century. Everyday, the Internet expands by the social, political, and economic activities of people all over the world, and its impact growth exponentially.

The ongoing transformation of communication technology in the digital age extends the reach of communication media to all domains of social life in a network that is at the same time global and local, generic and customized, in an ever-changing pattern.

Apr 09,  · Internet is the most powerful invention and if used in the positive direction, internet can prove to be very productive. But, these days, due to the social networking sites such as Facebook taking over, internet is producing adverse effects on the students, especially those students studying in WELCOME TO BLOG~GUE.

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