Why open source software will or will not soon dominate the field of database management tools

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Why open source software will or will not soon dominate the field of database management tools

Open Source Database Management Systems: Germain Apr 30, 4: Once the domain of proprietary database management programs, database development is now seeing more influence from open source programming.

Several industry surveys show a trend among small to mid-sized businesses of at least trying open source database programs. Those survey results show a growing satisfaction in open source databases along with an expanding adoption rate.

For example, studies show a four in 10 adoption rate among enterprise organizations. Some 70 percent of open source developers say feedback from users shows high satisfaction with their results. Two key features that successful open source databases need in order to become replacements for established proprietary products are a strong backup function and the ability to handle the increasing business load.

His company provides monitoring and support administrative services for database users. Winning Trio Poor database design and incorrect or inefficient use of the database are among the most common causes of inefficient applications.

Only two or three open source database applications will survive to dominate the field.

Why open-source software will (or will not) soon dominate the field of database management tools Expectations: In preparing your paper, you might want to think about some questions such as. WHY OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE WILL SOON DOMINATE 3 Why Open-Source Software Will Soon Dominate the Field of Database Management Tools “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, I am paraphrasing Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Why Open-Source Databases Are Gaining Popularity. Kaushik Pal | June 8, In , Sun Microsystems bought MySQL AB, the company which created MySQL. Now, many newer solutions in the field of open-source database management systems are arriving in the market, while older players like MySQL are being developed further. Open-source software.

MySQL Enterprise is the pack leader now, with few contenders available to be taken seriously, according to Voholt, who expects to see a mini-shakeup in the database software industry. Self standardization will filter out the ineffective products, he believes.


MySQL was the first open source database to go up against the established commercial database vendors such as Oracle. MySQL developed a religious following over the last five years, noted Voholt. The Enterprise Server 5. It runs on Linux, Windows and numerous Unix platforms.

PostgreSQL is an enterprise class relational database system with more than 15 years of active development. It is highly scalable in terms of both the quantity of data and the number of concurrent users it can manage.

A Different Flavor Greenplum founders set out last year to launch their vision of a next-generation open source database.

It was engineered around the increasing availability of inexpensive servers, storage and high-speed switches. Designed for large enterprise deployments, it utilizes multiple machine clusters.

The company's alternative free database product is Bizgres, designed to run on a single machine at departmental data marts and smaller enterprise warehouses. Bizgres focuses on supporting business intelligence applications.

Developed as the Bizgres Project, a community-supported open source project, Bizgres is a comprehensive database platform that runs on top of PostgreSQL. Twenty years ago, scaling databases were the hottest thing in the market. The Internet and advances in scaling technology are producing a resurgence now, according to Yara.

Business managers do not want to deal with hordes of sales staff when they can download the database and get it working with community source help, noted Yara.

Why open source software will or will not soon dominate the field of database management tools

MySQL set the stage for this ability to avoid corporate structure. A changing business market also contributed to the adoption of open source databases.

The one-size-fits-all database design no longer works. Other business intelligence needs are not being met. The open source structure means users are not locked into proprietary applications, according to Yara.

Other markets like Web intelligence and analytics don't fit into the database model needed now. An established program such as MySQL is based on just one piece of the stack, said Anthony Gold, vice president and general manager for open source business at Unisys.

Unisys is a systems integrator that helps address database administrators' concerns regarding the virtue and drawbacks of open source systems.

A Different Flavor

How do you integrate? This is a real challenge," said Gold. Unisys focuses on putting together an integrated stack. Each database has its pros and cons.

A business user can start a basic database with existing free and commercial open source packages.Question 1. Explanation. To determine which scheme has been used to encrypt a specific password, check the digit preceding the encrypted string in the configuration file. Research Policy 32 () – Why Open Source software can succeed Andrea Bonaccorsi∗, Cristina Rossi1 Laboratory of Economics and Management, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, heartoftexashop.com Martiri per la Libertà 33, Pisa, Italy.

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