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There are far less people that are good at both. Any photographer who can write an article as well as take good photos has an advantage when it comes to selling their work. The main benefit to supplying an illustrated article is that you get paid for both the words and photos used by the magazine. If you do it right, you can set yourself up with a nice part-time income and perhaps a future career.

Write around town magazine

Bharatha Nrityasala and Darshini Natyalaya conducted their dance program with Dr. Kalai Chellam on October 17, Darshini Natayalaya under the direction of Smt.

My town My Town – Newquay. by Alex Howarth, I live in Newquay. It’s a small town on the Atlantic coast in the south of England. It has got great beaches and is the best place to surf in the UK. To put together our list of the best towns ever, we scoured more than three decades of coverage and created a Special Advisory Council to nominate places that are great for kids, have drool-worthy. Around Town Magazine is a local CITY GUIDE and directory that will help you live, explore, and find adventure in the Greater Seattle area whether you are a resident or just visiting. Inside you.

Dhananjayan and his wife Shanta Dhananjayan. Gayatri continued to sharpen her skills in this divine art under the able guidance of Smt. Radhika Shurajit, one of the senior disciples of the Dhananjayans.

write around town magazine

Drawing from her years of training and performing and following the best traditions of her alma mater, Bharata Kalanjali, Gayatri Seshadri founded the Darshini Natayalaya Academy in Memphis, Tennessee in and relocated to Georgia in She now performs and trains students in this art form from her studio in Cumming, Georgia.

In addition, Darshini Natyalaya seeks to increase their curiosity and passion for Indian culture, mythology, music, and art. Bharata Nrityasala conducted its annual dance recital during the auspicious Navaraathri time, providing an opportunity to showcase the talent of its disciples.

This school, affiliated to Dr. Sundari Santhanam in Bangalore more than 30 years ago, whose legacy has been continued by her daughter Smt.

Harini has been running this school since and has since expanded to Forsyth County in Georgia. Harini comes from a parampara established by Padma Bhushan Dr. This aspect was incorporated in the Bharata Natyam curriculum taught at their schools and this technique of dancing gave birth to Bharata Nrityam.

This word Bharata Nrityam was coined to differentiate Dr. Gayatri and Harini were extremely pleased to have Dr.

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Kalai Chellam preside at the function. Just as her name Kalai in Tamil means Art, she is a master of multiple art forms, as well as a philanthropist, and teacher.

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Around Town Magazine is a local CITY GUIDE and directory that will help you live, explore, and find adventure in the Greater Seattle area whether you are a resident or just visiting.

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write around town magazine

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