Writing a ping program in python to find

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Writing a ping program in python to find

All the talk is about a new arcade game which has been released by Atari. That game is called Pong. There is movement, control, collision detection, scoring, artificial intelligence.

Its all in there! Being able to program Pong is a doorway to being able to program a lot of other games. However once you start playing Pong you might find less time to program, as it is quite addictive! We are going to program pong using Python and Pygame.

I will be using Python 2.

Program Analysis

For those programming on a Raspberry Pi this will already be installed. We will be using some of these modules throughout this tutorial.

If you are programming on a Raspberry Pi, again this is already installed, if not to download Pygame go to the Pygame website.


This links writing a ping program in python to find to a website by Al Sweigart who has written several Python books including one on Pygame. If you are new to Python then check out his books. I cannot rate them highly enough! After several false starts with other books, it was these resources that taught me Python.

I am going to break this game down into stages, which reflect how I developed it. I hope this will show you that when you look at the game as a whole it can seem daunting, but when broken down it is just made up of many easy parts.

So the stages we will follow are: Stage 1 - Create a blank screen Stage 2 - Draw the arena, the paddles and the ball Stage 3 - Move the ball around Stage 4 - Check for a collision with all edges Stage 5 - Move the players paddle Stage 6 - Move the computers paddle with Artificial Intelligence Stage 7 - Check for a collision with the paddles Stage 8 - Add a scoring system Stage 9 - Finally we will look at methods to increase the speed for slower computers As we go through this tutorial I will provide the whole of the code at the beginning.

To help you isolate each stage I will also provide the complete code for that stage as we get to it. I will also tell you where to type each line and include the code you need to type. Where I feel it necessary I will add additional lines in with the code to help you understand where you should type the code.

You can always refer to the source code of the complete program or the source code of that stage for further guidance. First of all, as promised, I will show you the whole code. Stops paddle moving too low if paddle.

Pass a command list

All will be revealed throughout this tutorial. Stage 1 - Create a blank screen import pygame, sys from pygame. Well when programming in Pygame I always start with creating a blank screen. The first thing we need to do is to import the pygame libraries into our program so we have access to them.

We are also importing the sys libraries which we will use later in this section to exit our game. For now we will set this tobut can vary this later. We use this to allow us to write notes about our code.

Networking - Multiple ping script in Python - Stack Overflow

You will see I do this a lot throughout this program. Comments are very useful when coming back to read your code at a later date. We also need some global variables for our window size. We will be able to call these variables at any time during our program.

As with any function we have to define the function before calling it. The next line is needed to initialise pygame. This next line creates the main surface we will use throughout our program. We have made it a global variable so we can access it later.

Why did we have to use the word global on this variable and not on the previous variables?

Pinging servers in Python - Stack Overflow

Well adding global allows us to modify the value later on. Clock Now we assign some information to our surface, which sets the display width and height.I'm unable to find any good easy to learn documentation on python and networking. In this instance, I'm just trying to make a easy script which I can ping a number of remote machines.

Multiple ping script in Python.

writing a ping program in python to find

Ask Question. up vote 16 down vote favorite. It saves the return value of the program that was used. According to my. Python 2 and Python 3. EDIT 1: Added some comments to the original answer.

writing a ping program in python to find

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Barba! I might have to give iPython notebooks a try. One thing I noticed, is that the animations didn't work for me. I have a bunch of machines on an IP address range which I want to ping simultaneously as a quick and dirty way of telling which ones are switched on.

This is what I wanted to do when I first dove into Python, only to find that pinging is surprisingly difficult to do permissions-wise (it seemed so basic but writing a kluge to invoke the system ‘ping’ regularly wasn’t a reasonable option so I’m glad to see this in pure Python).

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